DNA2.0 Inc. Launches DNA-2-Go

Menlo Park, CA
Friday, August 1, 2003

Process Platform For Custom Gene Synthesis

DNA2.0 Inc. announced today that it has launched a new and improved custom gene synthesis process which combines a robust semi-automated molecular biology pipeline with sophisticated bioinformatics algorithms to provide collaborators and customers with a fully integrated program for gene synthesis. The DNA2.0 Inc. system is the first to provide a fully integrated service from virtual to physical gene with a complete turnaround in ten business days. Collaborators and customers will have access to DNA2.0's complete integrated solution for codon optimization, bioinformatic molecular design, and molecular biology strategy. The efficient DNA-2- Go™ program allows researchers to design, synthesize and experimentally test genes in weeks rather than months.

DNA-2-Go™ is an extension of DNA2.0's internal program for collaborative protein engineering and optimization. DNA2.0 has strategically chosen to make the DNA-2-Go™ platform available to single gene customers as well as to protein engineering customers. "DNA2.0's technologies will provide researchers with an integrated, high throughput approach to conduct gene synthesis" said Dr. Claes Gustafsson, Vice President of Operations at DNA2.0 Inc. "DNA2.0 is working with collaborators to apply gene sequence space searching algorithms and the DNA-2-Go™ process to further protein engineering efforts"



DNA2.0 Inc. is developing a platform technology to rapidly and cost efficiently produce statistically optimally distributed gene variants. These gene variants are synthesized individually and are tested for functional activity. The data is integrated and mapped as a mega dimensional projection of the correlated sequence-function space. The DNA2.0 Inc. technology is uniquely suited to bridge the information gap created by the recent explosion of genomic sequence information.

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