DNA2.0 Partners With Cosmo Bio To Deliver Bioengineering Solutions To Japanese Researchers

Menlo Park, CA
Monday, February 20, 2012

DNA2.0 today announced the selection of Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd. as the non-exclusive distributor in Japan for DNA2.0’s complete line of bioengineering solutions, including gene synthesis powered by GeneGPS™ for maximal protein expression as well as the company’s protein engineering solutions—ProteinGPS™ for rational protein design and Protein Variant Libraries for directed evolution. Cosmo Bio is a well-established distributor of reagents, instruments and services for researchers in academia, government and the biopharma industry, with over 20 years experience and 200 sales outlets throughout Japan.

“We are pleased to bring DNA2.0’s innovative approaches to gene design and optimization, gene synthesis and protein engineering to Japan through Cosmo Bio,” said Claes Gustafsson, COO and cofounder of DNA2.0. “The life science research and drug discovery community in Japan represents a significant market opportunity for DNA2.0, and Cosmo Bio’s customer-centered reputation makes it the natural choice to provide in-country services and support tailored to Japanese research needs.”

International customers can access DNA2.0’s Ph.D. experts in the fields of protein expression, gene synthesis and bioinformatics directly, however this distribution agreement with Cosmo Bio offers Japanese customers added flexibility and time savings, along with service and support in Japanese. All DNA2.0 sequences, tools and solutions are made at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Menlo Park, ensuring the greatest security for intellectual property.

About DNA2.0

DNA2.0 is the leading bioengineering solutions provider. Founded in 2003, DNA2.0 offers an integrated pipeline of solutions for the research community, including gene design, optimization, synthesis and cloning, as well as platforms for protein and strain engineering. It is the fastest provider of synthetic genes—based in the US with a global customer base encompassing academia, government and the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and biotechnology industries. DNA2.0 is by far the most published synthetic gene vendor, providing expert support to and collaboration with scientists. DNA2.0 explores novel applications for synthetic genes and is exploiting the synergy between highly efficient gene design and synthesis processes and new protein optimization technologies. DNA2.0’s tools and solutions are fueling the transformation of biology from a discovery science to an engineering discipline. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif.

About Cosmo Bio

Cosmo Bio delivers the most up-to-date technical information and provides products made by world-class manufacturers to laboratories at educational, research and testing institutes working in the field of life science throughout Japan and around the world. The company takes pride in a service that fulfills the needs of our customers with extensive product lines and related information. Making full use of an international network, coupled with highly reliable information, Cosmo Bio supports the life science community with the high levels of commitment and responsibility required to maintain the trust of valued customers. For more information, please visit www.cosmobio.co.jp .