Gene Designer's Drag-And-Drop Functionality For Sequence Design Awarded U.S. Patent

Hannover, Germany, BIOTECHNICA
Thursday, October 7, 2010

Broad Patent Covers the Revolutionary Sequence Design Technology Embedded in DNA2.0's Free Gene Design Application

DNA2.0, the leading gene synthesis and protein engineering company, today announced that it has attained a patent through the U.S. Patent and Trade Office for the dynamic drag-and-drop- sequence functionality to create genes with the company's breakthrough application, Gene Designer. Gene Designer is a free design application that enables anyone, from the experienced molecular biologist to the novice DIYbio enthusiast, to design DNA sequences—whether making alterations to naturally occurring sequences or creating completely novel configurations of DNA. The patent (#7,805,252) covers the unique technology created by DNA2.0 scientists to represent nucleic acid sequences and to move them around with ease within Gene Designer. Gene Designer is a part of DNA2.0's suite of patented technologies—the pJexpress family of expression vectors, gene optimization, efficient synthesis and protein engineering—designed to facilitate a new era of bioengineering.

Without a comprehensive design tool, molecular biologists can be hampered by unanticipated permutations of their design or by the sheer volume of data involved in even the simplest genes. Furthermore, imagining a novel sequence requires the ability to try out different combinations and make adjustments with ease. Gene Designer makes the complex process of building DNA code visual, dynamic and quick with its drag-and-drop interface and a complete library of DNA elements and vectors to work with. Gene Designer enables scientists and enthusiasts alike with the ability to put their imagination to work and guides them through every step, from inspiration to synthesized gene.

"Gene Designer is the only sequence-design application that is equipped with a graphically-rich interface and drag-and-drop functionality for putting together sequence elements," said Claes Gustafsson, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Vice President at DNA2.0. "The U.S Patent and Trade office recognized the revolutionary nature of DNA2.0's approach to gene design when it awarded this patent. Because Gene Designer is free, we are able to put the power of this patented technology in the hands of professional scientists, students and enthusiasts alike."

The introduction of Gene Designer is akin to moving from designing web content with HTML to building web sites with a content management system or design application: suddenly the ability to design DNA sequences is available to a vastly larger number of people, and the process of designing becomes much more quick, powerful and visual for experienced biologists.

Gene Designer is unique in that it is very easy to use and comes loaded with powerful tools, including intelligent algorithms for in-silico cloning, codon optimization, back translation and primer design; a graphically-rich molecular view to display, annotate and edit a construct; a customizable database to quickly store, manage and track genetic elements, genes and constructs; and a cloning tool which can cut, combine and clone any vector or insert with drag-and-drop convenience.

With a tool like Gene Designer doing the heavy lifting, the user is able to spend more time on the creative process of design. Moreover, while much of gene synthesis work today is about alterations of existing sequences, a strong design tool such as Gene Designer cuts the cord and makes it much easier to delve into novel sequences and applications—making Gene Designer an essential tool to enable innovations in synthetic biology in the coming decades.

Gene Synthesis: IP Protection and Superior Customer Service

While many other gene synthesis companies offshore manufacturing to areas of the world with lax IP protection, all DNA2.0 genes are made at the company's state-of-the-art facility in Menlo Park, thus ensuring the greatest security for patented or confidential sequences. DNA2.0 guarantees researchers high-quality synthetic genes, delivered on time, every time.


About DNA2.0, Inc.

Founded in 2003, DNA2.0 is the leading synthetic biology company. It is the fastest provider of synthetic genes, based in the US with a global customer base encompassing academia, government and the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and biotechnology industries. DNA2.0 explores novel applications for synthetic genes and is exploiting the synergy between highly efficient gene synthesis process and new protein optimization technologies. The tools and applications brought to market by DNA2.0 are transforming biology into an engineering discipline. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif.

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