DNA2.0 Announces The Launch of PlanetGene — The First Online Repository Of Codon Optimized Human Genes Available For Purchase

Menlo Park, CA
Monday, November 1, 2004

DNA2.0, Inc. (www.DNA20.com), a leader in custom gene synthesis and protein engineering, announced today the launch of PlanetGeneTM, the first comprehensive online gene catalog with an initial offering of over twenty-five thousand human genes commercially available for scientific research. Each gene has been codon optimized for expression in both bacterial and mammalian systems, allowing users to easily move between the two experimental systems. The genes have also been designed to avoid features that are frequently problematic in protein expression such as mRNA secondary structure, repetitive DNA elements and internal translation initiation sites. The PlanetGene online catalog of codon optimized human genes is easily accessed and searched on the basis of amino acid sequences, keywords, or Genbank accession numbers.

“Easy access to genes that are already codon optimized will drastically reduce the cost, time and resources to maintain a strong R&D pipeline,” said Jeremy Minshull, PhD, president of DNA2.0. “PlanetGene furthers DNA2.0's aim to reduce the cost and complexity of outsourcing routine molecular biology. By closing the gap between sequences in databases and physically useable genes it will enable corporate and academic research scientists to focus their resources fully on their critical research rather than on creating the tools they need."

PlanetGene will transform the efficiency and effectiveness of biological research from basic science to drug discovery, and marks a milestone in DNA2.0’s goal of industrializing molecular biology. Providing immediate access to synthetic human genes designed for use in the two major expression platforms marks a new phase in the company’s drive to empower researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.

PlanetGene combines the efficiency of the DNA-2-Go gene synthesis technology, developed by DNA2.0, with powerful Protein-2-DNA gene design algorithms. The result is affordable high quality optimized genes available to the entire research community. Benefits to researchers are:

Speed – Even an experienced researcher can take several months or even longer to codon optimize and synthesize an average 1000 base pair human gene. From order to delivery, PlanetGene reduces that time to 2 weeks.
Cost – to have an average 1000 base pair human gene custom synthesized commercially costs around $2,500. Codon optimized genes from PlanetGene will start at about $100.

Reliability – DNA2.0 is a published leader in the area of codon optimization for heterologous protein expression. Genes optimized using the company’s extensively tested Protein-2-DNA gene design have shown consistently good expression in E. Coli and mammalian systems. The genes offered through PlanetGene have been redesigned to greatly improve expression, but the protein sequence is completely unchanged from the original human sequence. The integrity of each gene is verified by double stranded DNA sequencing to ensure 100% accuracy.

DNA2.0 is the developer of two platform technologies, the DNA-2-Go gene synthesis process and DeNovo Genes, a protein engineering and sequence optimization technology. The firm’s charter is to exploit the synergy between a highly efficient gene synthesis process and new protein optimization technologies. Following the initial launch, DNA2.0 will continue building the PlanetGene repository by adding codon optimized human splicing variants. PlanetGene will also be expanded to offer codon optimized genes from other organisms. PlanetGene can be accessed through the DNA2.0 website (www.DNA20.com) or directly at www.planetgene.com.


About DNA2.0, Inc. 

DNA2.0 is applying its DNA-2-Go custom genes synthesis process and its DeNovo Genes platform technology to design and produce information-rich gene variants. These gene variants are synthesized individually and then tested for functional activity. The data is analyzed and mapped as a mega dimensional projection of the correlated sequence-function space. The DeNovo Genes technology is uniquely suited to engineering proteins for commercial applications such as industrial biocatalysis and healthcare products such as therapeutic proteins and diagnostic reagents. For more information please visit www.DNA20.com or email info@DNA20.com.