DNA2.0 Inc. Receives NSF Grant To Optimize Genes For Protein Production

Menlo Park, CA
Monday, December 11, 2006

DNA2.0, Inc. (http://www.DNA20.com), a leader in synthetic biology and the largest US provider
of synthetic genes has been awarded an SBIR/NSF grant to further expand
their expertise in protein expression and to develop an automated
multivariate machine learning algorithm for optimizing synthetic gene

Recombinant DNA technologies launched the biotechnology industry by
allowing cost-effective production of valuable therapeutic proteins in
easily cultured and manipulated organisms. Despite the early success of
biotechnology, protein expression of recombinant genes remains a key
limiting step.

Efficient gene synthesis technology allows the complete redesign of any
gene to meet new engineering requirement. DNA2.0 is using its expertise in
machine learning algorithms to identify the critical variables and their
impacts on protein expression. A multivariate array of genes will be
synthesized in DNA2.0's state-of-the-art gene manufacturing facility, and
then tested. The resulting multidimensional sequence-expression landscape
will be modeled and resulting algorithm incorporated into Gene
Designer(TM), a freely available software for the design of synthetic

"We are designing and manufacturing a unique set of synthetic genes
that will systematically identify and explore gene design parameters that
affect protein expression," said Mark Welch, PhD., project manager. "By
applying experimental design methods that are widely used in other
engineering disciplines, we intend to enable simple, automated gene designs
that routinely optimize protein expression."

"This project is a perfect fit for DNA2.0 and our goal to industrialize
biotechnology," said Jeremy Minshull, PhD., President of DNA2.0.
"Systematic studies allow us to move from anecdotal evidence to science,
and we know that robust and reliable protein expression is valuable to our

About DNA2.0, Inc.

DNA2.0 a leader in synthetic biology and is the developer of two
platform technologies, the DNA-2-Go(TM) gene synthesis process and DeNovo
Genes(TM), a protein engineering and sequence optimization technology. The
company is also selling a large catalog of optimized synthetic genes at
their PlanetGene website (http://www.DNA20.com).
For more information please visit http://www.DNA20.com or email