DNA2.0 Announces Opening Of European Office

Menlo Park, CA
Thursday, February 7, 2008

DNA2.0, Inc., a leading gene synthesis and protein engineering company, today announced the opening of its European branch office in Basel, Switzerland. The expansion is part of DNA2.0's strategy to serve its clients in both domestic and international markets."We are excited to enhance DNA2.0's custom gene synthesis services in the European marketplace," said Dr. Jeremy Minshull, President of DNA2.0. "We have devoted our energies to building the fastest and most reliable gene synthesis process in the world. Our Basel office will allow us to provide the same PhD-level customer support to our growing European customer base that our US customers already enjoy."

"Our investment in Europe reflects the strong growth we see in demand for synthetic genes at European biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as its universities," said Dr. Louise Rafty, Director of Sales at DNA2.0. "Access to fast and accurate gene synthesis is revolutionizing the way scientists think about molecular biology; enabling a number of exciting emerging applications such as codon optimization, protein engineering, and RNAi resistance."

About DNA2.0

DNA2.0 is the largest US provider of synthetic genes, serving customers globally in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as in academia. The company is also applying machine learning to protein engineering through their ProteinGPS(TM) platform. For more information, visit http://www.DNA20.com