ATUM Corporate and Academic Partners


Alliances are important to ATUM’s business strategy. Only by working with the leading academic and industry groups in their respective fields can we take advantage of the many opportunities and applications available in the emerging field of synthetic biology. ATUM strongly believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts and has a rich history of joint research and development projects. ATUM occasionally provides pro bono Synthetic Biology consultation, products and/or services.

If you are interested in exploring a collaboration or discussing other emerging opportunities, please contact us at

Adimab, Inc., a pioneer in the integration of antibody discovery, maturation and biomanufacturing, and ATUM employ a strategic alliance in the area of antibody discovery via the design and construction of Antibody Libraries.

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The pJexpress Pichia expression vectors were constructed by the world-leading P. pastoris laboratory of Anton Glieder at Graz University of Technology, in collaboration with the Research Centre of Applied Biocatalysis and VTU Technology.

CosmoBio is the non-exclusive distributor for Japan, providing customers the convenience and choice to order directly from ATUM or to use CosmoBio for orders and sales support.

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Cytovance Biologics utilizes GeneGPS® from ATUM as part of their Keystone Expression System™ for microbial strain development for successful biomanufacturing. See the Bioprocess International Poster or Cytovance Press Release.

Singularity University utilizes accelerating technologies to address humanity’s hardest problems. ATUM sponsors the SynBio Startup Launchpad, a program to nurture aspiring life science entrepreneurs seeking to apply the rapid-cycle, low-cost approaches employed by tech and biotech startups.

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BioBuilder is a resource for hands-on activities and informative animations on synthetic biology, and a place to discuss the challenge of engineering biological systems. Founded by Dr. Natalie Kuldell at MIT.