Choose Your Vector to Match Your Needs

ATUM vectors are immediately usable for protein expression and are available as ready-to-use catalog items or for gene synthesis orders.

IP-Free©, high levels of protein expression, choice of resistance markers, RBS, and promoters including Rhamnose-inducible for toxic or challenging proteins.
High levels of protein expression in transient or stable transfections. Superior integration efficiency >80% with stable ATUM Leap-In vectors.
IP-Free©, high protein expression in Pichia or S. cerevisiae. Choose secreted or intracellular expression, promoters, antibiotic resistance markers and more.
Design and create the vector that works best for your research. VectorGPS® and Vectorology™ efficiently explore multiple elements for increased protein expression.

Recommended Expression Vectors Selection Process

Expression Vectors
PanelIcon for Expression Vectors
VectorGPS icon for expression vectors
1. Single Expression Vector
Already know exactly which combination of elements you want? Use the Vector Selector for Bacterial, Mammalian or Yeast to choose one of our ready-to-use vectors.
2. Expression Panel
Not sure how your protein will behave? Test your gene in several vectors with a variety of properties most likely to increase expression. ATUM offers pre-selected Expression or Secretion panels for Bacterial, Mammalian and Yeast systems, or you can create your own to explore the properties you think are most important.
3. VectorGPS®
Want the very best vector for your system? ATUM will create unique combinations and configurations of vector components using our machine learning technology, to create a custom vector exactly suited to your needs.