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Predicting enzyme function from protein sequence.

Jeremy Minshull, Jon E Ness, Claes Gustafsson and Sridhar Govindarajan.
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 2005, 9:202-9
Abstract: There are two main reasons to try to predict an enzyme's function from its sequence. The first is to identify the components and thus the functional capabilities of an organism, the second is to create enzymes with specific properties. Genomics, expression analysis, proteomics and metabonomics are largely directed towards understanding how information flows from DNA sequence to protein functions within an organism. This review focuses on information flow in the opposite direction: the applicability of what is being learned from natural enzymes to improve methods for catalyst design.
Comments: Information flow from protein function to DNA sequence can be captured and deconvoluted to gain a model for sequence-funtion correlation. The applicability of what is being learned from natural enzymes is discussed in the context of methods for catalyst design.