Synthetic Biology Services

Everything you need to quickly and affordably advance your research.

Leverage ATUM genome engineering expertise to quickly and efficiently develop novel genomes or optimize pathways.
ATUM utilizes proprietary technologies to synthesize gene sequences of any size, with the longest gene made by us >230kb.
ProteinGPS® technology quickly and efficiently designs proteins with desired characteristics to find the protein activity you need.
The only patented, research-derived codon optimization algorithms. Proven to increase your protein expression in multiple hosts.

Rush Synthesis

Need your genes now?
From idea to bench in as little as 5 days, Guaranteed.

Custom Cloning

Your Gene in Your Vector. ATUM will do the extra custom cloning work for you, with your genes ready to use.

Large Constructs

Proprietary technology routinely synthesizes genes, genomes and antibody fragments 50kb – 300kb.

Guaranteed Expression

We’re so confident of our GeneGPS™ optimization algorithms, ATUM can even guarantee that your gene will express.

Variant Synthesis

Mutations, splice variants, SNPs and more. Always 100% sequence verified and individually cloned.

Large Scale Plasmid Preps

More DNA for your research. Receive your synthetic genes in sufficient quantities for immediate experimentation.