Expression Testing Services

Every gene and protein construct is different. Every research lab has unique protocols and methods.
How do you know if your gene expression in E. coli is optimal?
ATUM has the experience and knowledge to tell you.

Expression Test: $395 USD per construct

Use the ATUM Expression Test to quickly know what expression levels to expect with your synthetic gene. No more questioning if your gene was unable to express or if difficulties were due to protocols followed. ATUM will clone and test your gene for expression levels in E. coli. Constructs can be tested in any ATUM bacterial expression vector or pre-selected expression panels to identify the best vector.

Availability: Deliverables:
  • ATUM Expression Data Report
  • SDS-PAGE results for total and soluble protein fractions
  • Semi-quantitative Western (genes with His or Flag tag) results*
  • Growth and induction protocols

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*See Terms & Conditions Tab

Custom Solutions

Difficult Protein? Different expression hosts?

For a majority of proteins, genes designed using our patented E. coli Expression Algorithms result in high expression yields in E. coli. However, every protein is different, and some proteins contain features that resist initial expression attempts. If your gene is in this minority, ATUM has the years of necessary experience to quickly and affordably overcome these obstacles.

ATUM will alter the coding, add tags, edit promoters and adapt other relevant variables to avoid problems or improve desired characteristics such as toxicity, solubility, and organelle targeting.

ATUM will make coding variants of your gene to optimize yields in your expression host of choice. Your gene will be optimized for maximal productivity in your system.

Fees vary based on your individual project needs. Consult with an Expression Specialist today at +1 877 DNA TOGO or

Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are per construct (gene) and are in addition to regular gene synthesis and cloning fees.
  • Expression Test services must be placed at time of order for each gene.
  • * Expression Standard is >5µg/ml E. coli culture under standard conditions (5.0 OD600 culture in our expression conditions) in the ATUM laboratory (detectable via SDS-PAGE and/or Western).
  • * There is an additional $50 USD fee per gene for Western Blot service.
  • Expression solutions are only available when using ATUM IP-Free Bacterial Expression vectors in E. coli (this service is available for most ATUM E. coli vectors and vector panels; however, please confirm during the quote/order process or contact customer service).
  • Expression tests are available for bacterial vector panels with a volume discount. Cost for expression testing is $395.00 USD per construct per vector with an additional 10% off the total testing cost. Discount does not apply to regular gene synthesis or cloning fees.
  • Listed prices are for genes <3kb in length. Please consult with our Expression Specialists to determine specific pricing for genes longer than 3kb.
  • ATUM will provide electronic gel image and protocols for expression to the customer.
  • ATUM does not guarantee protein solubility.
  • ATUM does not guarantee the ability of customers, researchers or external labs to produce similar expression levels.
  • ATUM reserves the right to decline Expression Test orders.

Let ATUM Increase Your Expression

Consult with an Expression Specialist today at +1 877 362 8646 or to achieve your research goals quickly and affordably.