More DNA for your research.

Receive your synthetic genes in sufficient quantities for immediate experimentation. ATUM Large Scale Plasmid prep service brings you convenience, time savings, and high quality DNA. Simply tell us the yield your research requires and we will determine the optimal volumes and conditions to provide the DNA you need.

The DNA is of high homogeneity and is available at low or very low endotoxin grades. The quality certificate includes double strand DNA sequencing and DNA yield determination.

Yield* Grade**
5 – 50 µg Low endotoxin
50 – 200 µg Very low endotoxin
200 – 500 µg Very low endotoxin
500 µg – 2 mg Very low endotoxin
2 – 10 mg Very low endotoxin
*LSP yield range is for high copy vectors. Final yield will vary, and is not guaranteed.
**Low endotoxin levels (generally <50 EU/µg DNA) are sufficient for popular production cell lines (HEK, CHO, etc.). Very low endotoxin levels (generally <0.1 EU/µg DNA) are ideal for primary cell culture. Endotoxin levels are not measured by ATUM.


Large Scale Plasmid Prep

LSP Results for Plasmid Prep

Typical LSP results provided to customers. Includes yield, absorbance, and Endotoxin Test results when applicable.

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