5 Day Delivery with RUSH Gene Synthesis Service

ATUM provides the fastest and most reliable gene synthesis turnaround time in the industry. From idea to bench in as little as 5 days to meet your research deadlines. Guaranteed.


GeneLength Rush Delivery (Business Days)
See details & restrictions below
Rush <1kb 5 days
Rush 1kb – 2kb 10 days
Rush 2kb – 3kb 12 days

Follow the status of your gene synthesis in real time directly in your online ATUM account.

Guarantee: ATUM will guarantee eligible genes (see Restrictions) to ship from ATUM within the above turnaround times once an order has been approved. Eligible genes that fail to meet the business day turnaround time posted will be credited with half the gene cost on a ATUM GeneCard for future orders.

Priority Service: Move your genes to the top of the queue at every step in the gene synthesis process. Not quite as fast as our signature RUSH service, but genes generally ship 20% faster than standard delivery. Actual delivery times are based on the individual gene and cloning characteristics.

Restrictions: ATUM′s turnaround guarantee is not valid for orders requiring custom cloning, low copy vectors, genes encoding high GC, stretches of homopolymers, extensive repeats or genes longer than 3kb. Turnaround times can be affected if a gene is toxic to E.coli at propagation.

Orders placed before 5:00pm PST (on USA business days) will be considered ordered on the same day.

Shipping: All orders are shipped UPS Overnight from California to arrive Worldwide in 48 hours or less. US and Canadian customers can expect genes to be delivered the day after Ship date. European, Australian and Asian customers can expect 1-2 days for shipment to arrive.

Sunny California: ATUM never offshores or outsources any gene synthesis to third parties. Rest assured that all your genes are made in sunny California, 100% accurate and intellectual property compliant.

Need Assistance?

Consult with a PhD Gene Synthesis Specialist today at +1 877 362 8646 or info@atum.bio to achieve your research goals quickly and affordably.