Gene Variant Synthesis

Gene Variants are a useful piece of your research puzzle.  ATUM offers a complete variant synthesis selection of mutations and splice variants, complex block variants and SNPs. Variants are always 100% sequence verified and individually cloned into the same vector as the primary gene.

Combinatorial Site Variant Synthesis Random Mutagenesis Variant Synthesis

Focus on Your Research with Variant Synthesis

Don’t spend months mutating and cloning. ATUM will quickly and affordably do the extra work for you, while you focus on the critical experiments that advance your research.

Variant synthesis is often available at a significantly discounted rate compared with the primary gene, and can be ordered at any time. To determine the best possible options and pricing for your research project please contact our Variant Design Specialists at +1 877 DNA TOGO or

If your variant project is more complex than just a few synthetic genes, we strongly recommend that you consider Protein Engineering to enable you to modify the activities of proteins or regulatory regions of DNA and quickly achieve significant results.


  • Alternative splice forms
  • Construct Fusion proteins
  • Construct Tagged proteins
  • Create Variant Libraries
  • Knockout constructs
  • Test functional elements (promoter regions, terminator sequences, etc.)
  • Deletions
  • Insertions
  • Substitutions
  • Alanine Scans
  • Domain swaps
  • Comprehensive codon substitutions
  • Variant clone sets with thousands of substitutions

Need Assistance?

Consult with a PhD Variant Design Specialist today at +1 877 362 8646 or to achieve your research goals quickly and affordably.