Ordering is easy with GeneCards

Deposit funds now. Purchase later. Never Expires.

GeneCards are a quick and convenient way to prepay your orders, requiring only a single purchase order number or credit card transaction from your purchasing group. Eliminate purchase order delays and redundant paperwork. Enjoy the full benefit of the grant dollars you’ve earned by establishing GeneCard credit to order the items you want, when you need them.

GeneCard Image

GeneCards Streamline your Purchasing Process.

  • Efficiently track and process purchases by account
  • Consolidate orders into one easily traceable and secure system
  • GeneCards are easily refilled using either a purchase order or credit card.
  • Pre-payment to fit your system
  • No administrative charges for transactions involving a GeneCard
  • GeneCard balances are non-refundable, but never expire

GeneCards are easy to use.

Order your GeneCard online. Once payment is received, your GeneCard will appear in your ATUM account payment profile as a payment option. Outstanding GeneCard balances can be viewed anytime by logging in to your ATUM account.