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Difficult to Express Proteins

Achieve improved expression levels of your protein with optimized vectors, codon optimization, and protein engineering.

Multidimensional Engineering

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ATUM utilizes a proprietary machine learning driven platform, GPS™ technology, to explore multidimensional sequence space helping clients optimize nucleotide, amino acid, expression vector, and genome sequence elements.

Using the GPS™ platform, ATUM explores optimized DNA sequences with customer optimized environmental conditions to identify ideal conditions for custom outputs.

Bioengineering Services

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GeneGPS Mammalian Host Cell Preferences Model

Optimization Projects

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CHO HEK Expression Vector Variables

Vector Screening

Custom designed vector panels of 4-18 vectors to explore a variety of vector elements and gene codon optimization variants to identify optimal combinations.


Machine Learning based approach to explore large sequence spaces to create custom algorithems to identify the optimizal vector combinations for your specific protein, cell-line, and platform conditions. Iterative approach involvoing 2-4 rounds of 12-48 variants.

Case Study 1: Improved GPCR Expression combining Vectorology + Codon Optimization

  • Matrix of 48 vectors and 3 different codon optimized variants of the gene
  • Screened in HEK, CHO, and other mammalian cell-lines

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