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High Throughput Protein Expression

Fully automated, bar-coded, time-stamped process for screening thousands of protein constructs in parallel. Utilizing our high-throughput gene synthesis, cloning, expression, and purification platform.


Fully Automated transient transfection of mammalian cells and downstream purification.


Protein production at a variety of scales and formats, including 1ml assay scale and 10-30ml production. Automated parallel protein production to ensure rapid, error free protein production.

Available Options

Cell Types HEK and CHO suspension cell lines
Culture Formats 1mL, 10mL, 30 mL cultures
Deliverables Filter sterilized, purified protein in tubes or plates with gel image and OD280 quantification reading

Virtual Sequence to Purified Protein in as little as 4 weeks


Ideal for expression screening or small quantity delivery.

Need more protein?

See our scale-up services.

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