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Large Scale Protein Expression

100 mL to 10 L culture formats available for expression in HEK and CHO suspension cell lines.


Available Options

Cell Types HEK and CHO suspension cell lines
Culture Formats 100mL, 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L
  • Filter sterilized, purified protein
  • Gel image
  • OD280 Quantification
  • HPLC Size Exclusion Chromatography
  • Endotoxin Tested

Virtual Sequence to Purified Protein in as little as 4 weeks


ATUM offers multiple QC options

           Aggregation Analysis

Analytical size exclusion chromatography is performed on microbore silica columns (Sepax Zenix-C) which are ideal for rapid determination of monodispersity, multimerization or percentage of aggregation present in protein samples.

Detection of eluted material is by absorbance at 280mn and 220nm, which enables coverage of a large range of sample concentrations, including very low levels of aggregated material. See sample data report for typical size exclusion profiles.

Second column purification, such as IEX or preparative size exclusion chromatography is available to separate species and buffer screening to deaggregate samples is also available.


Lipopolysaccharides from the outermembranes of Gram-negative bacteria can confound some downstream assays or cell based experiments, so as standard we assay and report the level of endotoxin in final protein samples.

In the unlikely event of endotoxin contamination, endotoxin can be reduced by further treatment of protein samples if necessary.

           N-Terminal Sequencing

We can N terminal sequence customer proteins to determine the amino acid sequence of the mature processed protein.

Different numbers of N terminal amino acids reads are possible by Edman degradation depending on the service requested.

Turn around time is typically between 7-10 days and success is dependent on an unblocked N-terminal anion group being present

           Mass Spectrometry

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometric detection of intact mass of proteins (reduced/ non reduced) pre or post deglycosylation is available.

This service enables unambiguous conformation of protein identity or post translational modifications.

See sample data for an antibody.

              Sample Data Package

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