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conference presentations

2023, European Bispecific & Multispecific Antibody Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oren Beske, Ph.D
2022, Festival of Biologics, Basel, Switzerland
Oren Beske, Ph.D
2022, Festival of Biologics, Basel, Switzerland
Oren Beske, Ph.D
2021, Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics, San Diego
Oren Beske, Ph.D
2021, PEGS Europe, Barcelona
Oren Beske, Ph.D
2020, Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics
Oren Beske, Ph.D
Claes Gustafsson, Ph.D

atum publications

2024 February
Cancers 2024
Aram Ismail, Sridhar Govindarajan and Bengt Mannervik
2021 March
Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Rajendran S, Balasubramanian S, Webster L, Lee M, Vavilala D, Kulikov N, Choi J, Tang C, Hunter M, Wang R, Kaur H, Karunakaran S, Sitaraman V, Minshull J, Boldog F
2019 September
GenEng News
Balasubramanian S, Choi J, Rajendran S, Kaur H, Lee M, Sepulveda C, Tang C, Truong V, Vavilala D, Webster L, Zhang B, Boldog F
2018 October
Biotechnology Journal
Balasubramanian S, Peery RB, Minshull J, Lee M, White R, Kelly RM, Barnard GC
2018 September
Current Protocols in Protein Science
Hunter M, Yuan P, Vavilala D, Fox M

white papers

2024 February 06
Directed evolution is a method for engineering proteins that involves mimicking natural selection in a laboratory setting. We interviewed experts from several companies to understand where this approach—which originated in the 1960s—is heading.
Tiffany Yesavage, Ph.D.
2023 August
Leap-In Transposase platform, main rationale behind SBCs and some key points to consider when evaluating a development pathway leveraging the speed of an SBC-based platform.
Jesse McCool and David Schmidt, Wheeler Bio, Oren Beske, ATUM, and Stephen Monks, GSL CMC Consulting
No surrogate assays, no compromises. Scaled for industrial success. Achieve your goals efficiently.
Laura Whitman, Medini Gore, Jon Ness Ph.D., Elias Theodorou, Ph.D., Claes Gustafsson, Ph.D., and Jeremy Minshull, Ph.D.
Maximizing screening efficiency through good design.
Brett Levay-Young, Melanie Olesiuk, Claes Gustafsson, Jeremy Minshull
Strategic partnerships can offer great advantages for time-to-clinic development of difficult to express proteins.

atum holiday publications

Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2018. 12:25-31.
ATUM elves decode Xmas message found in Leap-In like transposon.
Claes, Ness, Elf, Sridhar, Medinivy, and Navidad
Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2017. 12:25-31.
ATUM elves identify a novel class of protein Christmaspiritin that stimulates engineered CHO cells expressing FFPs into highly complex jolly patterns.
Claes, Ness, Elf, Dasher, Medinivy, and Butter-Scotcher
Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2015. 12:25-31.
ATUM elves use DoE to optimize Mrs. Claus’ eggnog recipe.
Claes, Ness, Elf, Dasher, Tinsel, and Menorah
Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2013. 12:25-31.
ATUM elves utilize the CRISPR system to improve Elf health.
Kane, Claes, Ness, Elf, Dasher, and Menorah
Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2012. 12:25-31.
ATUM elves utilize the CRISPR system to improve Elf health.
Claes, Navidad, Ness, Elf, Dasher, Tinsel and Menorah
Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2011. 12:25-31.
ATUM elves used whole genome sequencing and genome-wide functional association studies to identify the red fluorescent protein, Rudolph. Directed evolution and protein engineering (ProteinGPS) further identified eight additional colors. The reindeer proteins are in the public domain and sold under the BioBrick Public Agreement.
Claes, Navidad, Ness, Elf, Dasher, Tinsel and Menorah
Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2010. 12:25-31.
ATUM elves have systematically identified Christmas carols deposited in sequence data, and established their direct role in the functional imprint and transfer of genetic information. They name this exciting new field of research Carolomics.
Claes, Navidad, Ness, Baum, Elf, Dasher, and Menorah
Nature 2009. 458:703.
Correspondence to Nature regarding poetry in synthetic genomes.
Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2008 12:25-31.
In a concerted synthetic biology and tissue engineering effort, a team lead by Santa Claes at the Univ Northpole designed and constructed a christmas tree that induced endogenous fluorescent sparkling and olfactory emission after induction by christmas carols.
Claes, Navidad, Ness, Baum, Harry, Dasher, and Elf
Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2006. 12:25.
The Hoho2 gene responsible for facial hair formation of Santa Claus is isolated and shown to be an ortholog of human KRT6B. The Hoho2 gene was codon optimized and and the corresponding protein expressed in E. coli, reindeer and human. RNAi knockout constructs could be trans-complemented with an RNAi resistant Hoho2 variant. Brilliant science by Prof Elf and coworkers at Univ Northpole.
Claes, Reindeer, Nicolas, Tomte, Dasher, Elf
Int Pub 2005 12:25
In an attempt to honor Tomten and investigate its molecular basis, ATUM created the Tomten gene. The gene was codon optimized for expression in Reindeer, synthesized and cloned. Constructs successfully expressed the glowing snow of the Tomten.
Claes, Tomte, Dasher, Elf