DNA2.0 is now ATUM. ATUM reflects what has always been a part of our company’s DNA—a relentless focus on invention, creation, finding new solutions and moving biology forward—the beginning of a new era in biology, one that will constantly evolve.

From building the industry’s leading antibody libraries to developing enzymes for commercial drug and biofuel manufacture, our products and services support breakthroughs across the life sciences. Every day ATUM delivers DNA, proteins and cells that transform biology from a discovery science to an engineering discipline, improving the way people research, create and live.

CRISPR/Cas9 and NickaseNinja® custom constructs and vectors. Tools for genome editing and engineering.
Revolutionary gRNA design software.
Discover features and ORFs in any sequence, including promoters, origins, markers, restriction sites and more.
Design and create the vector that works best for your research. VectorGPS® and Vectorology™ efficiently explore multiple elements for increased protein expression.
High levels of protein expression in transient or stable transfections. Superior integration efficiency >80% with stable ATUM Leap-In vectors.