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ATUM Holiday Publications

Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2015. 12:25-31. Optimization of Eggnog using Design of Experiment and Machine Learning. Claes, Ness, Elf, Dasher, Tinsel, and Menorah
Prof Laura Menorah’s team at the Univ Northpole uses DoE to optimize Mrs. Claus’ eggnog recipe.

Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2013. 12:25-31. KRISPR-KRINGLEi Utilized for Leptin Supression in Elves (Denisova hominin). Kane, Claes, Ness, Elf, Dasher, and Menorah
Prof Laura Menorah’s team at the Univ Northpole utilizes the CRISPR system to improve Elf health.

Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2012. 12:25-31. Deconvolution of Inherent Genomic-Melodic Linkages, or The Music of Life. Claes, Navidad, Ness, Elf, Dasher, Tinsel and Menorah
Prof Laura Menorah’s team at the Univ Northpole explores the relationship between ancestral genomic information and musical annotation.

Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2011. 12:25-31. Nine improved monomeric fluorescent proteins from Rangifer tarandus. Claes, Navidad, Ness, Elf, Dasher, Tinsel and Menorah
Prof Laura Menorah's team at the Univ Northpole has used whole genome sequencing and genome-wide functional association studies to identify the red fluorescent protein, Rudolph. Directed evolution and protein engineering (ProteinGPS) further identified eight additional colors. The reindeer proteins are in the public domain and sold under the BioBrick Public Agreement.

Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2010. 12:25-31. Carolome: Functional Imprints of Culture Memes in Global Genome. Claes, Navidad, Ness, Baum, Elf, Dasher, and Menorah
A research team lead by Prof Laura Menorah at the Univ Northpole has systematically identified Christmas carols deposited in sequence data, and established their direct role in the functional imprint and transfer of genetic information. They name this exciting new field of research Carolomics.

Nature 2009. 458:703. For anyone who ever said there's no such thing as a poetic gene. Gustafsson
Correspondence to Nature regarding poetry in synthetic genomes.

Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2008 12:25-31. Metabolic engineering of Picea abies for receptor mediated induction of fluorescence and olfactory signaling. Claes, Navidad, Ness, Baum, Harry, Dasher, and Elf
In a concerted synthetic biology and tissue engineering effort, a team lead by Santa Claes at the Univ Northpole designed and constructed a christmas tree that induced endogenous fluorescent sparkling and olfactory emission after induction by christmas carols.

Proc Natl Acad Sci Northpole 2006. 12:25. Heterologous expression and functional characterization of the Santa Hoho2 gene. Claes, Reindeer, Nicolas, Tomte, Dasher, Elf
The Hoho2 gene responsible for facial hair formation of Santa Claus is isolated and shown to be an ortholog of human KRT6B. The Hoho2 gene was codon optimized and and the corresponding protein expressed in E. coli, reindeer and human. RNAi knockout constructs could be trans-complemented with an RNAi resistant Hoho2 variant. Brilliant science by Prof Elf and coworkers at Univ Northpole.

Int Pub 2005 12:25 Creation of the Tomten Gene G051225. Claes, Tomte, Dasher, Elf
In an attempt to honor Tomten and investigate its molecular basis, ATUM created the Tomten gene. The gene was codon optimized for expression in Reindeer, synthesized and cloned. Constructs successfully expressed the glowing snow of the Tomten.

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Fall, 2015

Antibody Expression from a Single Vector. Bicistronic Viral Gene Expression (Vaccine). Mapping Neural Circuits (Nature). In Silico Resurrection (Cell Reports). mAb Against Influenza (PNAS).

Spring, 2015

DNA Atlas. CAR-T for Glioblastoma (Sci Transl Med). Bridging Evolutionary Divergence (Nature). Dual Target Recognition (mAbs). Retinal Neuroprotection (Cell). Direct Delivery of Cas9 (RNA Biology). Stable LV Packaging (Nature Scientific Reports).

Fall, 2014

Open Access SynBiol Tools. Pichia Secreted Protein Expression 18g/L (J. Biotechnol). Research Can be Sweet (Nature). Mapping Transcriptional Networks (Cell). Improving Cognitive Function (J. Neurosci). CRISPR Control (Cell). Combating Infection (JACS).

Summer, 2014

Engineering Better Mammalian Vectors. Mapping Behaviour Using Synthetic Genes (Cell). Eradicating Cancer (Nature). Preventing Tuberculosis (PNAS). Squid Sucker Teeth. Protein Engineering GST (ACS Syn Bio).

Spring, 2014

CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Engineering. Natl Labs Improves Protein Expression with GeneGPS. Subverting the Immune Response with HIV gp120 (Nature Immunol). Sugars to Biofuels (Nature). Voracious Feeding Behavious (Cell).

Fall, 2013

Optimizing Secreted Expression. Synthetic Circular Permutation Library Co-Publication.
PTEN-long Cancer Pathogenesis (Science). CRISPR mediated RNA-guided DNA Targeting and Regulation (Cell). Solving GCGR Structure (Nature). Cells and Fractals.

Summer, 2013

Electra Vector System™ – A Universal, IP-Free©, Scarless Cloning System. Deep Mutational Scanning of Erbitux Antibody CDR Library. Semi-Synthetic Antimalarial Production of Artemisinin. H5N1 Human Adaptation. Recessive Parkinson’s Disease. Bioengineers Look Beyond Patents. Library Format for Bionengineering.

Winter, 2013

Dramatically different gene design criteria for E. coli, Baculovirus/Sf9 & HEK. Optimizing expression in insect cells. First view of Insulin binding. Feeding Crickets dsRNA. Protein self-assembly. Dan Rather Reports – “Cutting Edge”. GeneGPS for human tissue expression.

Fall, 2012

Successful aminotransferase engineering with ProteinGPS. Synthetic gene networks. Heat stable nanowires. Refactored phage genome. Antitumorigenic mAb. Single-chain variable fragment (scFv) library. Allosteric inhibition of MtATP-phosphoribosyltransferase.

Summer, 2012

Increasing protein expression in HEK. Secretomes and signaling. Cannabis catalysis. NEB engineering a better enzyme. Combating infectious disease. X-ray Crystallography highlights.

Spring, 2012

How to Engineer proteins for predictableeExpression. Live cell fluorescence. Measles and H5N1 vaccines. Biochemistry. Pfenex protein expression collaboration.

Winter, 2012

Malaria secretion and pathogenesis. Cell-fate control gene therapy. Structural characterization of Tuberculosis gene. SBOL Integration.

Fall, 2011

Infologs transform protein engineering. Cell free chromosome assembly. Pandemic Flu vaccines. A synthetic nose. Engineering Fred. Cancer research highlights.

Summer, 2011

Step by Step instructions for designing better genes. Proteomics uncovers critical disease pathways. Deep sequencing the Voodoo Lilly. Synthetically engineering a novel plasmid. Hemorrhagic Virus research highlights.

Spring, 2011

A new TALE for researchers. Better biosimilars from Dartmouth, Pfenex and Sutro Biopharma. Biofuels research highlights.

Winter, 2011

Predictable protein expression in Pichia. GPCR crystal structure. Himalayan plant-based therapeutics. Synthetic genetic circuits. Hemorrhage, shock and death. Prion protein conversion.